HBO 24/7: Leafs / Red Wings Episode #3 Best Clips


The third of four episodes spans from the shootout win over Phoenix to the shootout loss at the hands of the Rangers before the Christmas break (after which Joffrey Lupul is followed while Christmas shopping and James van Riemsdyk and his family are featured in their annual Christmas shinny game). The centerpiece of the episode is, naturally, the first meeting of the season between the Wings and Leafs.

The full episode will air tonight on Sportsnet. For American-based viewers, it’s available on the HBO website.

Lots to see in this episode, but here are a few quick Leafs clips of interest:

Randy Carlyle wants the Leafs’ centers to be tougher in the faceoff circle:

This scrum was at the practice following the win over Phoenix:

A good point: If you’re going to lose ’em, at least make the opponent pay a price.

Cronin’s speech before the Detroit matchup:

– Cronin emphasizes the “first three strides” and the “last three strides” in getting back to the hashmarks so that the Leafs’ “swarm” (their performed nomenclature for what many have called the ‘collapse’ system) can be effective.
– Cronin continues, “You can question whether you demonstrate that commitment night to night.”
– The coaching staff likes to pick on Naz.

David Clarkson defends the honour of Jonathan Bernier’s water bottle:

#Intangibles #EarningthePaycheque

David Clarkson Rides the Subway:

Kind of a cool ritual.

Claude Loiselle debriefs Dave Nonis on Phaneuf negotiations:

Term, money, structure agreed to; details of the no move/no trade were the sticking point at this time. Complete with the creative nicknames we’ve come to expect of hockey people.

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  • peterbleafs

    NHL players dont know the importance of the first 3 strides?  They don’t know to be tough in the faceoff circle?  Man those are such good pieces of advice. No wonder we are in an extended losing streak….and yes that Buffalo game was a  loss we avoided because Moulson missed an easy tapin.

  • maple1967leafs

    TheCanucksnaphook Hey claudy its Nony Tell phook to call Henny

  • Burtonboy

    Don’t know how many of you watched Friedman on NHIC last night but he sure put a few things into perspective about the Leafs. Like everyone I’ve been disgusted with a lot of their play so far this yr but we have to remember this is still a very young team and very much a work in progress. Friedman said he talked with many hockey people outside Toronto and they all say the owners, media and the fans in Toronto need to have a little bit more patience to allow this very young team to develop . The Gardiners,the Rielly’s and the Kadri’s . If they do then then the Leafs will be a very competitive team in a yr or two. He did say he’s not sure they will get that chance as the pressure to win in this market can be overwhelming .  

    Much as I want  winner I believe Friedman is correct and I for one want to see Nonis stay the course with the plan they have in place . Lets not cave to fan and media pressure like we have so many times in the past and wind up with noting to show for it.

  • Wilbur

    Burtonboy Couldn’t agree more. And it’s not just Kadri, Rielly and Gardiner. Relatively speaking think about how young Franson, Gunnar, JVR, Phil, Bozak, Kule are and their lack of playoff experience. P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E……..

  • Wilbur

    CanuckUKinToronto Burtonboy That’s a good point UK. I think a lot of the patience is about not trading them and also being patient as they develop into a contending team not just for individual development.

  • maple1967leafs

    Although he hasn’t been getting points,It looks like Clarkson is fitting in  better,

  • Burtonboy

    CanuckUKinToronto Burtonboy For most of these guys they are only just learning what it takes to win at the NHL level. That’s the process we are seeing right now . They got a taste of it in the playoffs last yr but its not going to be straight line upwards . There are going to be plenty of hiccups along the way . They are just learning that competing in the NHL is a far cry from Jr. or college . This isn’t easy for a fan base that has gone without success for so many yrs. but I’m convinced if we don’t stick with what they are doing then we only wind up repeating the same fuckin mistakes we always have in the past. We are so close yet it seems so far away.

  • maple1967leafs

    TheCanucksnaphook maple1967leafs Im sure a guy with his reputation coming to a new team takes a while to fit in,After all he was a hated guy by most players

  • Knights2Leafs

    CanuckUKinToronto Burtonboy 
    Ya, well I have more faith in the collective group of players we have than the coaching.  When the full team effort sucks, that’s usually a good sign of lack of confidence in the systems by the group.

  • Mind Bomb

    Good MorningFolks