All Toronto Maple Leafs Goals 2013-2014


[Video]All Toronto Maple Leafs Goals 2013-2014

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  1. Post all the goals against so we can jeer, point fingers and declare who should be traded, waived, left unsigned

  2. 20 page paper due Monday and an exam on Wednesday. You’re goddamn right I’m going to watch this video on Thursday.

  3. Watch this video and tell me that Bowen does’nt make each and every goal exciting and his voice predicts an goal. His vocals range predicts when the goasl are going to happen. You can listen and hear the goal happening. and Hughson misses the action by about 2 seconds. IN fact most of the timer Hughson is surprised that the goals happen. Why. He just follows the play. And more justification for me saying he;s a lousy play by play man. Give me Bown or Give me Death.

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