Toronto fell behind against Montreal inside the first two minutes, and were down by two after the first frame.

They managed to wake up after that, getting one back through Nazem Kadri in the second before Joffrey Lupul scored an equalizer early in the third period. Neither side managed a winning goal after that, leaving the game to a shootout, which was won by Montreal.


The Canadiens had a hot start, opening up a lead in chances and possession, but in the final two periods the Leafs were mostly able to limit that advantage. There was a good stretch for Montreal midway through the third that saw them open up their Corsi lead, although they weren’t able to have the same success with their chances. Toronto won the overall neutral zone battle, but Montreal had far more controlled entries, which contributed to their chance and possession advantages.

Montreal had the first five chances of the game, but after that things were relatively even, going back and forth between the two sides. There were a couple of long stretches with no chances at all, but Toronto managed a couple of flurries in the second and third periods, while Montreal had somewhat more consistent pressure.

118:1900MtlGOAL! Desharnais from WeiseES21932344244222728394551
114:2201MtlPacioretty deflects Barberio shot wideES192432344652112839456781
111:4501MtlPacioretty from SubbanSH234404346111426396776
111:4401MtlGallagher from reboundSH234404346111426396776
111:1001MtlEller wide from loose puckES32634444756152839434581
102:5801TorPhaneuf wraparoundES32532345156222627395174
101:2701MtlGOAL! Fleischmann from EllerES31523344251152839434581
218:1902TorKomarov deflects Gardiner shot widePP1924344347511439677679
217:0802MtlEller post from FlynnES31523323442222832394581
214:0102TorWinnik drivesES2325263456111439677476
212:5202MtlDesharnais drivesES192432344651222627283951
212:1702MtlCarr wraparoundES152334424651152839434581
211:4602TorGOAL! Kadri from RiellyES21934434447111439677679
210:4912MtlBeaulieu drives wideEN32526345156141527287481
209:3112MtlGalchenyuk wide from PetrySH226344656222627395176
207:3012TorLeivo from loose puckPP1523323442443239767981
207:1312TorRielly wide from LeivoPP1523323442443239767981
206:5812TorParenteau from BozakPP1523323442443239767981
318:0512TorLupul wide from LeivoES31924323451173239767981
317:2112MtlGallagher wraparoundES2334404347111426396774
315:2412TorHolland from RiellyES31924323444172126323976
315:2312TorGOAL! Lupul from reboundES31924323444172126323976
315:0022MtlGallagher from loose puckES23440434447111428394567
313:2222TorLupul deflects Marincin shot wideES192432344652151739767981
312:2322MtlGallagher drivesES23440434447111426396774
309:4522MtlGallagher post from faceoffES23440434447111426396774
307:0422MtlWeise wide from DesharnaisES192334424446222728394551
302:3222MtlGallagher from PaciorettySH234404656111426396776
300:2922TorKadri from HollandES31924344344152639437481
404:1022TorBozak drivesES3442444726273951
403:3922TorBozak drivesES215344226273951
403:2322MtlEller drivesES215344027283981
401:0022MtlDesharnais wide from SubbanES315344027395176

Leafs Player Data


Mike Babcock was able to get some pretty clear matchups at home, but it didn’t work out very well for either of the top two lines. Nazem Kadri’s trio went against Pacioretty and Plekanec, and were out-chanced clearly, with Michael Grabner finishing as a team worst -6.

Tyler Bozak’s line had very similar numbers, as they were beaten in their match-up against the Galchenyuk line.

The good news for Toronto came down the lineup. Joffrey Lupul, with Josh Leivo and Peter Holland, had a very strong offensive night, dominating possession against the Montreal fourth line and generating more chances than any of the other lines. Rich Clune and his line also got more ice time, and managed to hold even in chances.

Morgan Rielly and Matt Hunwick paired with the Kadri line against Montreal’s top forwards for most of the night, and like that line the pairing ended up outchanced. As has often happened, Hunwick finished below Rielly in the table, as the youngster was on for a couple of late Toronto chances. Dion

Phaneuf and Jake Gardiner were both about even, but Phaneuf had some eventful shifts without Gardiner, meaning he finished with more chances both ways. Martin Marincin didn’t play much, but his controlled entry numbers are really striking — extremely low on both ends — showing that he did not get much time with the more offensive units.