For the second time this year, the Maple Leafs gave up seven goals on the road, as they were no match for Chicago.

They were behind 2-0 after the first period, and an early powerplay goal extended the lead even further. From then on, Chicago was able to pull away, although the Leafs did at least manage a couple of late markers.


Chicago dominated the chances, even though they let up somewhat once they got a big lead. Toronto’s neutral zone numbers look good, but that was down to the Leafs being behind, as they built a large chunk of that lead in the third period.

After Toronto had the first chance of the game, they were totally dominated for the next 20 minutes, a stretch that saw Chicago outchance them 12-3, and get three goals. The Leafs had some fightback late in the second but didn’t score, and the Blackhawks put the foot down on the Leafs‘ collective throats in the third, opening with nine of the first eleven chances.

117:5200TorParenteau from reboundES153438465156112432334386
117:2700ChiGOAL! Mashinter drivesES20252834525673348535770
117:0001ChiToews drives postES3440434647512414193365
115:4301ChiKane from PanarinES21624263444153233437288
115:3601ChiDanault drivesES15203334385271124335786
114:0601ChiHinostroza wide from RasmussenES252834515256323343485370
111:3901ChiTeravainen deflects Rozsival shot wideES152033343852112432334386
110:5401TorKadri drivesES3440434647512414193365
108:4601ChiKane deflects Keith shot wideSH2163440462719336588
108:3701ChiToews from KaneSH2163440462719336588
108:2001ChiGOAL! Shaw from reboundES152033343844112432334386
106:3702TorHolland from WinnikES224263443442415337288
103:4402ChiPanarin from KaneES234404344472415337288
103:4202ChiAnisimov from PanarinES234404344472415337288
219:4702TorSpaling from WinnikES21624263444153233437288
217:0203ChiDesjardins drives widePP15283334384424111533
215:2203TorKomarov from KadriPP20243443475124111533
215:0303TorSpaling from HollandES2162434435173357728688
214:5703TorHunwick wide from loose puckES2162434435173357728688
214:1303TorSpaling from loose puckES2162634404673357728688
211:2003ChiPanarin wide from KaneES21626343846153233437288
209:3503TorKadri wide from KomarovES34404346475221419323365
204:1203ChiDesjardins drives widePP20243443475124111533
202:5603TorArcobello from loose puckPP152833343844711153357
202:3803TorHolland deflects Gardiner shot widePP20243443475124193386
202:1603TorKomarov deflects Gardiner shot widePP20243443475124193386
317:5303ChiGOAL! Panarin from KaneSH2163446472715337288
315:5904TorKadri drives postES20344043475271419334365
315:0904ChiGOAL! Kane drivesES216242634442415337288
314:5605ChiDesjardins from TeravainenES15333438465171124335786
313:4405ChiRasmussen drivesES202528345256323343485370
313:4205ChiMashinter post from reboundES202528345256323343485370
311:4105ChiSeabrook post from Van RiemsdykSH216344672433577288
311:2105ChiGOAL! Teravainen from HjalmarssonSH23440462415337286
309:4006ChiGOAL! Svedberg from ToewsES23440464752141933435765
308:5407TorGOAL! Arcobello from reboundES153334384652243233434853
307:1017ChiDanault wraparoundES215343843442411243386
305:4117TorKomarov from reboundPP202434434751411323386
305:3917TorHolland from reboundPP202434434751411323386
304:5217TorGOAL! Parenteau from BoyesPP152833343844711334386
303:1727ChiPanik from HinostrozaES20344043475271433485765

Leafs Player Data


Nazem Kadri returned to the lineup, and rejoined his old line of Leo Komarov and Michael Grabner. That line actually had a decent night, up against Jonathan Toews, as they managed to hold possession even, and Kadri managed to finish above even in chance differential. Peter Holland’s line, which faced a match-up with Patrick Kane, also had good overall chance numbers, with all three players on that line finishing at least even, though they had poor numbers at preventing controlled entries. The bottom two lines were badly overmatched. The fourth line played only eight ES minutes, almost all of it against the Chicago fourth line. While they had good Corsi numbers, the chances went badly against them, with Rich Clune and Brad Boyes both finishing at -4. Colin Greening, playing with P.A. Parenteau and Mark Arcobello, mostly matched up against the Teravainen line and had similarly poor results.

Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly mostly matched up against the Kane line. While they didn’t play a lot at ES due to all the power-plays and the lopsided score, they had rough numbers. Rielly was one of the weaker defencemen in terms of chances, finishing at a -4. Jake Gardiner and Roman Polak were the only pairing that finished above even, which was impressive, given that Gardiner didn’t play a single offensive zone start. The pairing of Martin Marincin and Frank Corrado got relatively soft minutes, but, like the bottom lines, they struggled. Marincin was on for a team worst 8 ES chances against.