In the second half of a back-to-back, the Maple Leafs were able to hold off Detroit.

After almost two scoreless periods, Michael Grabner’s breakaway chance ended up in the net off his butt, and Jonathan Bernier played well in the final period to earn a victory.


The two sides were close in possession until the third period, when Detroit upped the pressure in the chase for the equalizer. The Red Wings had the advantage in chances for most of the game; while the Leafs had more zone entries, they had very few with control as they defended the lead.

Grabner’s goal came against the run of play, as it was in the midst of a 10-1 run of Detroit chances that stretched into the middle of the third period. A couple of strong Toronto shifts saw them threaten to open up the lead further, and they did a solid job of limiting Detroit’s chances in the last five minutes.

119:0800TorLaich deflects Gardiner shotES20232438455181427344065
118:4200TorNylander wide from HymanES11153944455221321253472
114:4500TorKadri drivesES84143444547132127346572
114:2800DetTatar from reboundES414344454752132127346572
111:5500DetPulkkinen wide from reboundES23243844455121415253456
108:1700TorLaich deflects Corrado shotES20232438455122125345672
108:0500DetTatar from AthanasiouES202324384551213447525672
107:4200TorParenteau wide from NylanderES8111539455283440475271
107:0300DetHyman from loose puckES8111526455283440475271
218:1800TorKadri from loose puckPP2441434445471534404752
218:0500TorHolland from RiellyPP2441434445471534404752
216:5800DetLarkin drivesES11152039455283441475271
212:4300DetLarkin wide from GreenES81120404551151721253471
211:3300DetAbdelkader from loose puckES11153944455281434404752
210:3800DetTatar from GreenES20232438455122125345672
208:3800DetGlendening from RichardsES81139414445173441475271
207:0100TorParenteau from NylanderPP15183839455128344152
206:3000TorSoshnikov from KadriPP2441434445471534476572
205:0900DetNyquist from RichardsES82324384551141721273465
204:4400DetDekeyser wide from TatarES82324384551131721273465
204:2400DetDatsyuk deflects Quincey shotES82324384551131721273465
201:0200DetPulkkinen drivesSH112040455281434405665
200:3000TorGOAL! Grabner drivesES11152040455281434405265
318:5310DetRichards from GlendeningES111539444552172634414752
312:4610DetLarkin from DatsyukSH4044454752131517253471
312:3710DetSheahan wraparoundSH4044454752131517253471
311:0110DetDatsyuk drivesES20232440455121321345272
308:2110DetGreen from SmithES18264044455221317212534
307:4410DetTatar drivesES111539444552131721253452
307:3110TorHyman drivesES111520394551143441475256
307:0710TorHyman drivesES111520394551143441475256
307:0510TorNylander wide from reboundES111520394551143441475256
306:1510TorHolland wide from giveawayES8243843455182734657172
306:1010TorKadri from GardinerES8243843455182734657172
305:1410DetZetterberg from loose puckES82340414445132125344065
305:0510DetDatsyuk from ZetterbergES82340414445132125344065
303:5910TorNylander drives wideES111520394551212734416571
300:0110DetDatsyuk from GreenEN232644454752131721254041

Leafs Player Data


The offense in this game came from William Nylander’s line, as he combined with Zach Hyman and P.A. Parenteau to generate as many chances as the other lines combined. They didn’t have a great defensive night, but they were able to stay even. The top line also had a solid game, playing mostly against Zetterberg’s line. They managed to limit the chances against, and had strong numbers preventing zone entries. The line that struggled was Brooks Laich with Colin Greening and Peter Holland, as they produced little offense, had very few controlled entries, and were on for a lot of chances against. That trio was used defensively, but they weren’t effective in the role.

Martin Marincin and Morgan Rielly got a lot of minutes and were given hard defensive minutes as well. That didn’t work out well for them, as both were heavily outchanced. Rielly’s -7 differential was tied for the team worst. Frank Corrado and Jake Gardiner were the only pairing to stay at least even, while Rinat Valiev played sparingly in his second NHL game.