Maple Leafs, Marner & Matthews

Four games into the regular season, Ian Tulloch, Anthony Petrielli, and Gus Katsaros (@KatsHockey) take a deep dive into Mitch Marner’s play, all-situations role and minutes, the Leafs’ power play, the Leafs underproducing in actual goals relative to expected goals, and much more.

Episode Overview

  • Marner’s start and other impressions on the Leafs’ play through four games (0:50)

  • A deep dive on the power play, the ubiquitous 1-3-1 scheme throughout the league, Marner’s best role on the PP, and the best configurations for the Leafs (13:45)

  • Why are the Leafs under-producing in actual goals relative to their expected results, the concept of expected goals, and Nick Ritchie’s slow start through four games + whether he should be in the top six (37:15)

  • The best way to manage Marner’s minutes, Gus’ case for why Marner shouldn’t be on the penalty kill, the debate around stars on the PK, and how good Marner really is defensively (1:01:20)