The easiest Morning Mashups to write are the ones where there’s nothing to talk about. The toughest Morning Mashups to write are the ones where there’s nothing to talk about.

I’m literally writing this as Wednesday’s CBA meetings are ending (according to the Dan Rosen Tweet that just rolled in). They will meet again tomorrow, it’s been confirmed, and likely with the same modus operandi of not talking to anyone when they’re over. I guess we’re supposed to be impressed by this.


I mean, the way negotiations are happening now is the way they should have been happening in July. But they couldn’t have done that, could they? They had to posture for months and months so each side would know the other’s serious (as if they didn’t), cancel a bunch of games and make fall joyless so each side would know the other’s really serious (as if they didn’t), cancel the Winter Classic to ensure there were no events of moral and emotional leverage left and reduce the situation to pure manipulation of a projected revenue curve (as if it always wasn’t), and…ah, crap. The apathy really does make it near impossible to care, let alone write about it sarcastically.

I guess we should be optimistic? I mean, for the longest time, they were posturing nonsense. At least now, they’re posturing with – supposedly – positive progression.

Here’s hoping a flood of “today was more positive than expected” Tweets roll in from anonymous sources. A few initial ones suggest Make Whole was discussed. That’s good? On the other hand, this would get resolved real fast if the players would just forget it and let Bill Daly take some of their money back.

Come on. Look at him. He needs it. To kill Superman.

Unfortunately, in the case of a second consecutive poorly-scheduled-Wednesday, I’ve got a few major priorities that have totally usurped the NHL in my life which will prevent me from following the evening’s results too closely . Including, but not limited to: work, friends, and a midnight screening of Skyfall.

Here are some Thursday morning links!

-Morgan Rielly’s knee injury, in a roundabout way, may have made him stronger. I know that’s a cliched thing to say, actually, the most cliched thing you can possibly say about a sports injury. But we all realize one of the best defensive prospects in the NHL is a Toronto Maple Leaf, right?

-The Marlies play the Houston Aeros tonight at 8pm. I’m sure there will be a whole mess of helpful information about it on

-According to ESPN, Mats Sundin was the ultimate team player. I feel like this is a hockey-related ESPN piece we can actually take seriously.

-Not sure if we’ve had this posted yet (I’m sure we have), but Don Cherry wonders why Luongo would want to come here. Is there some hilarious bias in the layout of the reader poll, or some serious CSS error that everyone is getting?

-NHL sponsors are starting to get pissed. Good. Please, get more pissed. More publicly.