@SharkClubDundas Game Day: Game #74, Blues at Maple Leafs


Jonathan Bernier will return tonight, hopefully with a healed-enough groin to be able to deliver the level of goaltending he was providing previous to the injury. It would be massive if Bernier jumped right back in and started delivering some wins right now. Remember, though, that he tried to play through the injury against LA and did not look himself.

It’s no secret the Blues are a better team than the Leafs — possession giants with one of the league’s best defence cores, best team shooting percentage in the League, deep at all positions – but the Leafs should, technically, be hungrier and more desperate. Should.

There was an interesting quote from Claude Loiselle on the radio yesterday where he said this team is making things harder on themselves right now by trying to win multiple games in the first period of one game. The goal has to be to win a period, not the next 9 games all at once. The team has been trying to force things and has been getting burned. It cost them against the Devils and it will kill them against Ken Hitchcock’s structured group if it continues.

Let’s hope Bernier is and stays healthy, plays well, and the Leafs come out with an upset here to spur on a good finish that salvages a playoff spot.


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6

Lineup graphics courtesy Daily Faceoff.


  • TheCanucksnaphook

    Atta boy Spott !!


  • mikeshave

    gonna be a win tonight, not because we deserve it, just because

  • http://i.imgur.com/MyKj5C3.gif ingy56

    I view tonight’s game like driving by a car wreck, I can’t avert my gaze.

  • http://i.imgur.com/MyKj5C3.gif ingy56

    Shit, Sportsnet game…all Reimergate, all the time.

  • TheCanucksnaphook

    ingy56  I am going mini-putting.

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    TheCanucksnaphook ingy56  Watch out for that damn swinging log.

  • mikeshave

    the sportsnet radio show earlier all came to the agreement that if bernier is the old bernier, we make the playoffs, also said anything less than six wins will cut us out…

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    https://twitter.com/jonasTSN1050 https://twitter.com/jonasTSN1050/status/448587465520349184
    Jonathan Bernier leads the Leafs onto ice for warmups. He’ll make his first start since Mar. 13 tonight against St. Louis.

  • Shift_Disturber1

    TheCanucksnaphook ingy56I hope you finally conquer the windmill!!!!!

  • TheCanucksnaphook

    ingy56  Lets go boys !!!