(Sunday Mashup) Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the MLHS Dads.

It’s a little a thin on the news front, but tonight at midnight the news should pick up with buyouts on players being active and some more player movement overall.


  • PEIleafnation

    happy dads day

  • vinoa

    “As for using the first-round series as evidence the Sharks should stay the course, the http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/teams/toronto-maple-leafs spent last offseason doubling down on every one of their terrible ideas while citing as justification the fact that they were up 4-1 against eventual finalist Boston in Game 7 of the quarterfinals. They missed the playoffs in hilarious fashion this year.”…sigh*

  • http://mapleleafshotstove.com/ DeclanK

    You wonder sometimes… San Jose plays LA in the same series, with the same players again, there’s a solid chance we’re talking about San Jose’s 1st Cup win. Now they’re going to retool on the fly.

  • Ydargo

    A lot of ppl are claiming gloom and doom for the leafs, I for one think things are still looking decent…….part of last years collapse was a case of burning out your big dogs and not using your full bench
    Some changes are needed of course, but the we need sweeping changes train of thought might be a bit drastic

  • Faalcon

    DeclanK vinoa After failing and faltering so many times in the Playoffs, that seemingly is their only option. Although I am not sure if that is the best one.

  • darthNihilus

    Happy father’s day dad! Love you and thanks for everything. Hope i can be half as good to my kids as you were to me. oh and GO LEAFS GO! May we have the opportunity to see many playoff games together!

  • vinoa

    Ydargo We just might not have a capable bench.

  • Ydargo

    That’s possible, but I think the kids need to be given a chance……..I know most aren’t fans of the “make your own roster” but here is mine from cap geek with a few vacancies
    To me these young guys are capable of filling specific roles on the bottom 6

  • Loric76

    https://twitter.com/TorontoMarlies https://twitter.com/TorontoMarlies/status/478177731021406208
    Happy Father’s Day to the dads! (Cake by Chantilly Cake Designs: http://t.co/hVBZPTyqkS) https://twitter.com/hashtag/MarliesLive?src=hash http://t.co/322TsfSjE3

  • hometeem

    How many of you share the love of the leafs thanx to their father, thanx dad luv ya!