Tuesday Links:I

  • MLHS: Jonathan Bernier on TSN discussing new 2-year, $8.3m contract
    Phil’s an unbelievable player. He’s a great guy in the room. There’s really nothing to say that’s bad about Phil Kessel. He’s a tremendous teammate. Sometimes just having a camera in front of you for five minutes, it doesn’t mean it’s the person that you are.
  • MLHS: Scott Salmond on Team Canada World Junior Summer Showcase in Calgary
    First, Mitch Marner is a dynamic, skilled player. Makes players around him better. He’s got great speed. He’s not the biggest guy in the world, but certainly from what we’ve seen here already and what I saw last summer, that doesn’t make a lot of difference. He likes to have the puck on his stick, he makes great plays. We’re expecting him to be dynamic here this summer and really push to be a part of our team as a young guy.
  • PPP: The fallacy of a multi-year tank, as it relates to the Leafs
    I, on the other hand, am not entirely thrilled with the idea of abjectly tanking for any year beyond 2015/2016. To be clear, that doesn’t mean I want a playoff team by 2016/2017. But what I think is necessary is that the team start to graduate its star prospects to the NHL (Mitch Marner and William Nylander should be full-time NHLers at this point) and begin to augment that core with useful players.
  • Jonas Siegel: Leafs get extended window to determine Bernier’s fit
    The question for the now Lamoriello-led Leafs is whether Bernier’s long-term acumen is more in line with his first season in Toronto, that disappointing second season, or somewhere in between. The answer will determine if the organization should place their faith in Bernier as their ‘stabilizer’ in goal, or whether they are better to pursue shorter-term options in the early days of a rebuild.