Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout – Episode #4


Episode 4 of the Maple Leaf Hangout with Michael Langlois, Mike Stephens and Aaron Chan.

– JM Liles
– Morgan Rielly
– Joe Colborne
– Carter Ashton
– Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs opening night and memories.

  • ProspectWriter

    “LeafsNews: Epi.#4 of the Maple Leaf Hangout Hangout Now Live with VintageLeaf on Air!”

  • Nikhil Daljeet

    Perfect backdrop for the MLHS Keeper draft over at ESPN

  • Luke

    Rielly didn’t show me anything to prove that he should be on the NHL roster. I’d rather him go back to junior. He’ll almost certainly be traded to a Memorial Cup contender and play a huge role.

  • DarthBurke

    Come on Kessel!!! Sign… on the dotted line!!!

  • Optimustic  Has this been posted yet?  Predicting the Leafs to finish with 108 points.  17 – 6 – 7 in their divisional games.  Wow, and I thought I was optimistic.

  • Optimustic

    TheCanucksnaphook Optimustic Maybe the media setting up big expectations so they can rag on the team when it only finishes with 98 points?

  • Loric76

    Optimustic pfft, 6 losses my ass.  where’s the optimism?

  • Optimustic

    Yaknowwhat Optimustic I was thinking around that area too.  It’d be nice to clear the 100 point mark, but I’m not betting on it.

  • Loric76

    TheCanucksnaphook Kadri who?

  • Luke

    The Leafs had zero leverage in any deal they could’ve made for Colborne. Either they trade him for whatever they can get, or they put him through waivers.