Monday Mashup: Battle of the Floreast

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The Maple Leafs have four games against the Panthers and Lightning coming up in the next two weeks, along with games against Canadian rivals Ottawa and Vancouver, in a six game in 12 days stretch. From there GM Dave Nonis will have three weeks to consider the state of the team during the Olympic break, after which the team will play just three games before the March 5 trade deadline. Interesting decisions lie ahead.

Petrielli’s Notebook will arrive in time to consume your entire afternoon. Until then, some links…

A compilation of Kessel’s 27 goals so far this season
A lot more where that came from.

JvR about to eclipse career marks
Sounds weird to read his 41st point will be his career high, but that’s due to the lockout shortened season. JvR has 38 goals and 72 points in his last 100 games.

What’s the one ingredient the Leafs are missing?
From Michael Langlois at VLM.

Leafs need more secondary scoring
With Bodie and Gleason chipping in, the problem on Saturday was more to do with letting in five.

Marlies wrap up three games in three days with a shootout win yesterday at Ricoh
They went 2-2 this week overall. MLHS will have a more in depth weekly review coming up from Daniel Kovalevsky.

Connor Brown shows no mercy
NINETEEN three-plus point nights from Connor Brown this season through 47 games. A hat trick + an assist on Sunday puts him at 98 points on the season. Brown leads the 2nd highest scorer in the OHL (Dane Fox) by 14 points and the third highest scorer (Nikolay Goldobin) by 25 points.

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  1. Noticed this on Saturday’s game, one thing I really like about Gleason is when ever our goalies freeze the puck, he’s the first one there to stand as a buffer/bouncer between Reimer/Bernier and the opposition. He makes sure the opponent is not up to any funny stuff after the whistle, slowly making them back up while he stares them in the face.
    Hard not to like the guy.

  2. DJBrianBurke
    I noticed that too. I have not seen much that he has done that I didn’t like. Steady, tough, no fooling around veteran defenceman.

  3. DJBrianBurke  You are right, I noticed that too. Komisarek was supposed to provide that. The Leafs were missing that kind of D-man for quite some time. Glad it was finally addressed.

  4. 20 Bobby PulfordDJBrianBurkeNothing wrong with old school, old school Dmen are what the Leafs need(ed) to help balance the skill. Keeps everyone in check.

  5. peterbleafs I don’t think the Leafs lose because they take teams for granted – I think they lose against teams like the Panthers because, for some reason, the players have difficulty summonsing the necessary emotion and compete level against teams not named the Bruins or Canadiens.  Carlyle has yet to solve that enigma.

  6. TheCanucksnaphook And you didn’t even compare their relative ice time, which no doubt is weighed very very heavily in JVR’s favor.

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