Saturday, May 23, 2015

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Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock sits down with George Stroumboulopoulos to talk about his decision to come to Toronto, his style of coaching, his relationship with Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland and so much more.

A great interview with the Leafs' new General, Mike Babcock, on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown and Arash Madani. Transcript below. If Shanahan wasn’t here, would you have come? What’s it like answering to a former player who once answered to you? I don’t know if Shanny ever answered to me. They were veteran players. Shanny got 40 in 40 that year for me and I still remember being under the Windsor bridge when I got the phone call saying he was going to New York. His time was done in Detroit because Stevie was leaving, he thought it was...

Mike Babcock speaks with members of the media following Thursday's press conference.

Brendan Shanahan joined Hockey Central at Noon to discuss the hiring of Mike Babcock. Advice for Babcock dealing with this market: I think that Mike obviously is an experienced guy, he’s been in the Stanley Cup Final a few times. He’s seen it, he’s seen this type of scrutiny, this type of pressure, this type of crowd. He’s been to the Olympics, so he understands when an entire country – like the way the city of Toronto loves and pulls for the Leafs and goes through our highs and lows with the team – he’s felt the whole country do that. I...

The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to pull brain trust from the talent pool in the OHL, adding Jim Paliafito of the Saganaw Spirit to the front office in the role of Director of Player Evaluation. Mark Hunter (London Knights), Kyle Dubas (Sault Ste. Marie), Lindsay Hofford (London Knights), Wes Clark (Sault Ste. Marie) and now Jim Paliafito—from the old boys club to the OHL boys club. The Leafs could not be better prepared for the OHL prospects in the 2015 draft class and should have some good intel on who might be undervalued for that #24 overall pick, in particular. Paliafito has a...
Mike Babcock @ TSN

Mike Babcock on The Bryan Hayes Show with Hayes and Dave Naylor. On the surprise choice in Toronto: Yeah, I didn’t see it coming either to be honest with you. I knew that they were looking for a coach. I knew I was going to go through a process. Kenny Holland and the Illitch family afforded me that opportunity. I came to visit the Leafs, I had to check back, I don’t know what day it was – the 9th or 10th – when I got back I told my family I was real impressed. I met with Hunts and Shanny...

Mike Babcock has been officially introduced as the 30th coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Full transcript of his introductory press conference below. Mike Babcock's opening remarks: I too would like to thank Ken Holland, the Detroit Red Wings, the Illitch family for ten unbelievable years and opportunity for my family to grow up in one city. Very, very special times. I’d like to thank the board, Larry, Brendan, for this opportunity. I’m thrilled today to be here. I have to tell you, I felt like I was 25 years old, scared to death to be here. I’m excited for the opportunity...

Mike Babcock has touched down in Toronto to an absolute media circus. For a full transcript of the press conference, see here:

What a day in Leafland. It wasn't exactly a Clarkson trade-level blindside news bomb, but even best-in-the-biz Bob McKenzie gave the Leafs zero chance at landing Mike Babcock 24 hours ago, as it appears only Shanahan himself knows what Shanahan is up to. The latest news and notes: The angle of Babcock attracting talent is going to be fascinating to follow (Stamkos 2016!!) and we may be seeing our first signs of it with a potential assistant coach hiring of Guy Boucher. The Red Wings reportedly were interested in Boucher last season as an assistant under Babcock, but he was locked into...