Thursday Mashup: Expansion Talk

Gary Bettman

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  • drummond

    2 teams in Toronto would be huge!!!!

  • Savo43

    drummond It could easily be done. Alot of Leaf fans thats are fed up with MLSE would probably jump ship too -.-

  • Kouba

    They should relocate the bleeding teams in the first place.

  • MaxwellHowe

    Not that I put too much stock in PPP, but their ranking of Garrett Sparks as the #18 Leaf prospect does bring in focus the lack of high end goaltending prospects in the system.  Bibeau has a long way to go.  Might be something the Leafs target in terms of draft or the possible (likely) March trade deadline fire sale.

  • Elliot Saccucci

    MaxwellHowe Partly a function of having two quality goaltenders in the NHL in their mid-20’s. Makes the need for high-end goaltending prospects less pressing.

  • Mind Bomb

    Good morning Folks

  • LeafFan15

    Am I the only one not wanting another team in Toronto? I like Toronto known for Leafs Nation.

  • LeafFan15

    Mind Bomb Morning man

  • MaxwellHowe

    There’s a fair chance that by the summer of 2015, there’ll only be one left.  Not pressing, but I do think the Leafs should have used a 3rd to 5th round draft pick to get a goalkeep.

  • Mind Bomb

    LeafFan15 Nope I dont care for it, going to create many Turncoats :)