Matt Frattin on TSN 1050

Matt Frattin
Photo Credit: Photo by Graig Abel/NHLI via Getty Images

TSN 1050: Game Night with Jim Tatti & Andy McNamara: Matt Frattin

Matt Frattin joins Game Night to discuss returning to the Leafs and the direction the Leafs are heading in.

  • RandomScrub


  • TheCanucksnaphook

    And I am just kidding Bon, you can vent here ANYTIME !! 

    (as long as its in a mashup)

  • Jordan29

    Man its good to hear “Maple leaf Matt Frattin”

  • Cloud09

    Jordan29 Lets hope it’s that version that shows up this fall.

  • Jordan29

    Cloud09 Jordan29 he will, never even got a chance in LA, they were really good before hand. Then the jackets only played him 4 games. I was never a huge Frattin guy but I like him here

  • DeclanK

    Jordan29 Cloud09 He started the year in the top 6 with LA and worked his way out off the lineup.

  • wendelsway1

    Jordan29 Sure is…I’m stoked to have him back in the fold.

  • MaxwellHowe

    Funny.  Gardiner and Rielly have been staying at Frattin’s home.

  • TheCanucksnaphook

    MaxwellHowe What a gong show.

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    MaxwellHowe place is probably unrecognizable